Children's Workshop and
Munting Tinig Choir

Director: Jojo Agoncillo Ramos

Philippine Center
Munting Tinig Choir

Dr. Violeta A. Singson,
Founding Manager
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Philippine Center

(414) 342-1400
Medical Director:
Violeta A. Singson, MD
Clinic Administrator:
Linda Ramos
Nursing Director:
Zen Edralin, RN
Volunteer Coordinator:
Mareta Prill

The Free Clinic is normally open
nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Since 2000, the number of FMC patients have grown to 3,256 who had been seen 12,159 times. Free medical services by volunteer physicians headed by Dr. Violeta Singson, have to date amounted to $2,352,666 including medication and laboratory services calculated from 2010.

PCCCF Mission Statement

As citizens of this community, we have partaken of its material and spiritual wealth. Through its benevolence, we have shared with its greatness and now enjoy a way of life that allows us to help alleviate the sufferings of this largely impoverished and troubled world. Therefore, we, Filipino-Americans and our friends of this community, have established the Philippine Cultural and Civic Center Foundation Inc. Through this foundation, which aims to construct a building to house some activities of the community, we hope to bring to the American consciousness the richness of our background, as well as the significance of our contributions to this country. In addition, we also aim to provide services of a civic nature which would, otherwise, be difficult, or too costly , for some people to obtain. And, above all, it is our fervent hope that through this foundation we will help raise generations of citizens who will continue to contribute to the greatness of America and help mold its moral conscience.

UPAAW website: http://www.upaaw.org

FAAWIS website: wwww.faawis.org


May 2015

Philippine Center Update

A MacArthur Symposium was held

on April 28, 2015

As the Philippine flag wave proudly beside the American Flag , the Philippine Center hosted an event showing the long standing friendship and relationship between the USA and the Philippines. A MacArthur Symposium was held on April 28, 2015 by the PCCCF in partnership with UPAAW and the VCRT MacArthur Forum Inc. The event featured fascinating facts and tidbits about the generations of MacArthur's' relationship with the Filipino people and the sacrifices of the Filipinos during World War II.

Philippine Consul General Generoso D.G. Calonge shared his deep knowledge of the subject. While MacArthur Memorial Museum Archivist James Zobel from Norfolk, Virginia, an internationally renowned scholar and speaker who recently returned from a 19-day speaking tour in the Philippines, shared his expertise and profound knowledge of the MacArthurs.


A meeting with President Benigno Aquino III

Prior to the symposium, Consul General Calonge held a briefing and gave updates to the Filipino-American leaders. He requested that Filipino American Organizations apply for accreditation. The Philippine Consulate of Chicago then invited representatives of the PCCCF, FAAWIS, UPAAW, PNAWI, FCM and FANHS to attend the Filipino community meeting with Philippine President Benigno Aquino III at the JW Marriott Hotel on May 6, 2015.

The PCCCF was represented by Executive Director Gerry Ramos, Executive Secretary Jojo Ramos, Corresponding Secretary Linda Ramos and Board Member Mareta Prill.
PCCCF Board Members Ma. Fe Visaya and Cream Pepito represented the UPAAW. While Ex-Officio Members led their organization's delegations: Tom Hey, FAAWIS; Gem Cubos, PNAWI; Angeli Camara, FMC and FANHS.


"PABASA" - Chanting of the Passion of Christ

Holy Week at the Philippine Center with the traditional "Pabasa", the continuous chanting of the Passion of Christ from Holy Thursday to the morning of Good Friday, followed by the Stations of the Cross led by Fr. Jojo Orosa.
Our thanks go to Belinda Tenorio, Pabasa Chair & the participants.

June 2015

The Philippine Center


The Free Clinic is normally open 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

Since 2000, the number of FMC patients have grown to 3,256 who had been seen 12,243 times. Free medical services by volunteer physicians headed by Dr. Violeta Singson, have to date amounted to $2,399,422 including medication and laboratory services calculated from 2010.


The Philippine Center


Philippine Center MUNTING TINIG CHILDREN'S CHOIR Founder/Manager: Dr. Violeta Singson; Choir Director/Conductor: Jojo Agoncillo Ramos
The Philippine Center Munting Tinig Children's Choir now has an active membership of 41 children with ages ranging from 3 to 13 years.

The Munting Tinig choir was the major participant of the PCCCF Literacy Program. They joined other children read, learn and meet farm animals on a field trip to Roden Farms. They attended the PCCCF Children's Literacy Workshop at the Zablocki Park where new books were read and given away for free. Children from toddlers to teens took part in games such as forming words using giant scrabble pieces, tumbler games, learned and sang songs, scrambled thru castles and tunnels. For crafts, they had easter eggs and bunnies to paint. 

On April 25,  2015 the Munting Tinig Choir performed and were honored with a standing ovation  by the convention attendees of The Delta Kappa Gamma Sigma (WI) State Convention. Delta Kappa Gamma is an International Society of Women Educators . The event was held at the Radisson Hotel by Mayfair Mall.  

On May 30, 2015, the Munting Tinig Children's Choir will hold a " Friendship Picnic Day" to foster stronger relations among the choir members. This will be held at the Philippine Center/Zablocki Park area.

As the Philippine Center has earned its place and name in the community, so has our responsibility to be more responsive towards the impoverished population. The Philippine Center Community Outreach Programs became possible through grants from the Forest Co. Potawatomi Foundation and from The New Threads of Hope. This year's projects are
Clothing Distribution Coordinators: Jojo Agoncillo Ramos; Dr. Letty Cueto; Mareta & Bob Prill - New clothing from The New Threads of Hope distributed at the PCCCF Free Clinic, Health Fair, Pediatric /Medical Clinic, All Nations Bible Church, Center for Working Families, the American Legion Greendale Post 416 and with the Feed the Hungry Programs.