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Mark Your Calendars:

Children's Workshop and
Munting Tinig Choir

Director: Jojo Agoncillo Ramos

Philippine Center Munting Tinig Choir Dr. Violeta A. Singson,
Founding Manager
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Filipino Movie Nights:
6:15 P.M.
3rd Friday of Every Month in 2014
starting January 17, 2014
Cooking Classes:
10:00 A.M.,
3rd Saturday of Every Month in 2014
starting February 15, 2014.
$5.00 fee per session for materials
and supplies
Tagalog Classes:
$30.00 class registration fee per student

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PCCCF Mission Statement

As citizens of this community, we have partaken of its material and spiritual wealth. Through its benevolence, we have shared with its greatness and now enjoy a way of life that allows us to help alleviate the sufferings of this largely impoverished and troubled world. Therefore, we, Filipino-Americans and our friends of this community, have established the Philippine Cultural and Civic Center Foundation Inc. Through this foundation, which aims to construct a building to house some activities of the community, we hope to bring to the American consciousness the richness of our background, as well as the significance of our contributions to this country. In addition, we also aim to provide services of a civic nature which would, otherwise, be difficult, or too costly , for some people to obtain. And, above all, it is our fervent hope that through this foundation we will help raise generations of citizens who will continue to contribute to the greatness of America and help mold its moral conscience.

UPAAW website: http://www.upaaw.org

(Click the picture for the YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK)

Philippine Cultural and Civic Center at Zablocki Park - Flag Raising Ceremony
September 27, 2014

We would like to express our gratitude to all the Officers, Board and Ex-officio Members of the PCCCF and members of our Filipino-American community who participated in this September 27, 2014 historical flag raising event. Let it will always be remembered  that on this day, the Philippine flag was officially raised at the premises of the Philippine Center.

The presence of Philippine Vice Consul Ricarte Abejuela III,  City of Greenfield Mayor Mike Neitzke, County Supervisor John Weishan Jr., Milwaukee County Parks Director John Dargle, Executive Director Kaye Garcia from Forest Co. Potawatomi Foundation, Former Vice President Jim Marks of Greater Milwaukee Foundation and presently United Way, Consultant and Linda McFerrin, Vice President of United Way validated the positive impact that the Filipinos have contributed to Milwaukee County.

Please take note that our special guests commented that our Philippine Center is a place of Giving. Milwaukee County Executive Director Chris Abele honored the PCCCF thru Parks Director John Dargle with a Certificate of Appreciation  highlighting our partnership and our programs such as the Free Medical Clinic, Children's Workshop, Literacy Programs (computer, cooking, etc).

Attached are 2 youtube hyperlinks, for you and the others who were not able to make it, to watch this momentous event. Our Philippine flag was raised beside the American flag with full military honors, provided by the American Legion Post 416.  Double click one of the links and watch in theater mode (full screen seems not to work) for a bigger screen.

1.      As members of the PCCCF Board and officers with representatives from the Milwaukee County of City of Greenfield watch and display the U.S. and the Philippine flags as a sign of cooperation and partnership.
2.      As the US flag is raised by Milwaukee Parks Director John Dargle while the PCCCF Munting Tinig Children's choir sing the Star Spangled Banner
3.      As the Philippine Flag is raised by PCCCF Executive Director Gerry Ramos while the PCCCF Munting Tinig Children's choir sing the Lupang Hinirang
4.      As the American Legion Post 416 provide military honors and a 21 gun salute (3 shots - seven rifles)
5.      And a surprise and unexpected appearance of a little boy saluting the flag with the American Legion and then giving a salute as the rifle team marches out.


Please share this video to your friends and family, constituents and other contact. Let us all be proud of this accomplishment, the first in the U.S.

Thank you.

Gerry Ramos
Executive Director
Philippine Cultural and Civic Center Foundation
535 N 27th St., Milwaukee WI 53208
(414) 704-4663


The Birth of the Philippine

Center Children's Literacy


PCCCF Activity Director Jojo Ramos' vision of a Children's Literacy Program received a big boost when Forest County Potawatomi Foundation gave their stamp of approval and awarded a grant of $10,000 to jumpstart the program.
Last year, through the help of Potawatomi's Executive Director Kaye Garcia, Jojo was able to forge a connection with the New Threads of Hope (TNTH), who donated 405 Disney books towards the Philippine Center Children's Literacy Program (PCLP) that were amongst the other books distributed during the March 22, 2014 Children's Workshop at the Philippine Center.

The goal of the Philippine Center Literacy Program is to get the children from toddlers to teens to own a book, read a book, and participate in the book exchange program and ultimately get into book review and discussion.  

To make the event more fun, a high school student, Hanna Kinzer and her mom, Anne, volunteered and made cut outs of "The Frozen" Disney characters which set the tone for the afternoon. Raphael Ramos, Carisse Ramos and Evie Morris volunteered to be Prince Hans, Queen Elsa and Belle. They together with parents assisted and read for the younger participants. Free Clinic Director Dr. Violeta Singson, who is also the Munting Tinig Choir founder took charge of announcing and advertising that afternoon's event. She also provided the snacks and treats. The Munting Tinig Choir led in the singing portion of the afternoon.

Cooperation and teamwork from Gerry Ramos, Mareta Prill, Manika Clemente, Amy Schemenauer, Elsa Clemente, Anne Le Fort, Maria Salomon Yumang, Cream Pepito Sommer, Linda Ramos and Nellie Varilla whose granddaughter (Lydia Weaver) awed the audience with her hula hoop skills, made the children's workshop and literacy program a tremendous success. 

Look forward to the Philippine Center Literacy Program book distribution events during the : Faawis Picnic on June 14, 2014, Health Fair on August 23, 2014. Other dates to be announced later.

More PCCCF Giving & Other Activities

The PCCCF also received donations of clothes and shoes from New Threads of Hope which were distributed during the free clinic by Gerry & Jojo Ramos, Dr. Letty Cueto, Mareta & Bob Prill . Some were given to street people Leftovers will be handed out during the Health Fair on August 23. 2014.

Cooking lessons provided by Dr. Henry Ravelo and Dr. Letty Cueto are ongoing. Watch out for the summer schedule.

The yearly Lenten PABASA Chanting of the Passions of Christ led by Tessie Abraham and Roger Mendoza was held from 1:30 PM Holy Thursday to 7 AM Good Friday. At the start of the Pabasa, a spiritual and inspirational talk was provided for by Sr. Erlinda Primo of the Schoenstatt Sisters.

Other PCCCF activities such as Movie Nights held by Zen & Jake Edralin , Yoga by Cream Pepito Sommer, Tai Chi by Carisse Ramos, Tagalog Lessons by Jojo Ramos are on spring break.

Visit www.philippinecenter.com for schedule of activities.