For Typhoon Relief Donations:
(tax deductible)

Please make checks payable to the Philippine Cultural & Civic Center Foundation
and note
Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund

and mail to:
Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund Philippine Cultural & Civic Center 535 N 27th St., Milwaukee, WI 53208

Mark Your Calendars:

Children's Workshop and
Munting Tinig Choir
Director: Jojo Agoncillo Ramos

Philippine Center Munting Tinig Choir Dr. Violeta A. Singson, Founding Manager
Filipino Movie Nights:
6:15 P.M.
3rd Friday of Every Month in 2014
starting January 17, 2014
Cooking Classes:
10:00 A.M.,
3rd Saturday of Every Month in 2014
starting February 15, 2014.
$5.00 fee per session for materials
and supplies
Tagalog Classes:
1:00-2:30 P.M., on April 12, 19, 26
and May 03, 2014
$30.00 class registration fee per student

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PCCCF Mission Statement

As citizens of this community, we have partaken of its material and spiritual wealth. Through its benevolence, we have shared with its greatness and now enjoy a way of life that allows us to help alleviate the sufferings of this largely impoverished and troubled world. Therefore, we, Filipino-Americans and our friends of this community, have established the Philippine Cultural and Civic Center Foundation Inc. Through this foundation, which aims to construct a building to house some activities of the community, we hope to bring to the American consciousness the richness of our background, as well as the significance of our contributions to this country. In addition, we also aim to provide services of a civic nature which would, otherwise, be difficult, or too costly , for some people to obtain. And, above all, it is our fervent hope that through this foundation we will help raise generations of citizens who will continue to contribute to the greatness of America and help mold its moral conscience.


HOPE for the Typhoon Haiyan Victim
As a continuing fund raising effort for the relief and rehabilitation
of the typhoon victims in the Philippines, we are still selling
Hope T Shirts as shown herewith;

Youth 6-8, 10-12, 14-16
Adults S, M, L, XL

Cost $10 per shirt
Mailing fee - $4 per shirt

We do not accept credit card orders, so please mail your check for the cost of the T-shirt/s and shipping with your order listing the number and size of the Hope T-shirt/s with your name and mailing address.

Checks should be made in favor of the Philippine Cultural and Civic Center (PCCCCF) and mailed with the order list to:

Hope T Shirts
Philippine Center
535 N 27th St., Milwaukee WI 53208

T Shirt Design


Philippine Center Update January 2014

By: Gerry Ramos, AIA      
Executive Director

In response to the devastation brought on by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) , a category 5 typhoon, that wreaked havoc in the Philippines, the Philippine Cultural and Civic Center Foundation (PCCCF) started a fund raising drive with an appeal for help for the victims of the disaster in all affected areas. An over-whelming response was received from both the Filipino and American community. Individuals and organizations sent in donations to help in the relief and rehabilitation initiative.

It is with great humility and sincerity that PCCCF thanks all who responded by way of prayers, support and donations.

Media’s support and clamor for news and updates:
PCCCF officers and typhoon victims were interviewed on the situation and well being of kin in the Philippines. Different TV and radio stations helped by making continuous appeals for donations to the PCCCF Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund.

Organizations and individuals held Fund Raising activities in support of the PCCCF initiative. The Fred Astaire Dance Forward organized by Tes Rivera, Fe Visaya, Marie Abraham Rebancos, Kathy Uy & Marissa Periquet Collins drummed up $12,000, part of which was dedicated to support affected teachers in Tacloban which was the hardest hit province. The UPAA-W’s $1,000 donation went to assist the displaced UP Tacloban students. The PMA-W donated $2,000 dedicated to the RMMF rehabilitation of affected hospitals and clinics in Tacloban. FAAWIS donated $1,000 and PNAWI $500.

Other organizations and individuals sent donations to other charitable and relief organizations of their choice.

The successful PCCCF Dinner for a Cause generated $15,000. The event was organized by Activities Director Jojo Ramos with Dr. Henry Ravelo and chaired by Dr. Violeta Singson assisted by Mareta Prill, Linda Ramos, Linda Ravelo, Becky Toledo, Jake and Zen Edralin. Sales from T-shirts with a Hope design that were produced by Brad Truckenbrod and sold by Mareta Prill, went to the cause as did those of 10 year old Cole Svastisalee’s and college student Catherine Toledo’s individual efforts of creating and selling bracelets to benefit the cause.

Deeply affected by the plight of the typhoon victims, community members sent out personal appeals to their friends, offices and organizations to support the typhoon victims and the PCCCF fund drive. Raphael Ramos, sent an email to the Quarles & Brady offices that generated $16,000 of donations to different relief organizations, $6,000 of which were sent to the PCCCF. This effort caught fire. Similar appeals sent by Renee Mondano (funds dedicated to the hard to reach areas in Cebu), Letty Cueto, Ning Mendoza, Maria Salomon Yumang, Beth Bueno, and Noelle Muceno resulted in donations and matches from friends, relatives, co-employees and their employers.

The PCCCF Typhoon Relief & Rehabilitation Fund Drive received close to $60,000 thanks to the efforts of the entire community. We will continue to promote this effort to rehabilitate the lives of thousands of people who are still in need.

Records of all donations and disbursements are available and open for anybody to see upon request.

The PCCCF has partnered with the ABS CBN Foundation International and their Sagip Kapamilya project. For more information visit http://www.tfc-usa.com/abscbnfoundation.

Disbursements of the relief and rehabilitation funds to date are as follows:
ABS CBN Foundation $30,000
Sagip Kapamilya

UP Foundation (to support Board & Lodging of $1,250
40 displaced UP Tacloban Students)

Department of Education & Culture, RP $7,000
(to support affected teachers)

Salesian Brothers of Don Bosco $7,000
(For Cebu, Leyte and Samar area victims)

RMMF led by Drs. Jaz Parcon and Ruben Romero did an emergency ship out of a 40 ft container filled with donated medical supplies, materials and equipment last Dec.10 to rehabilitate Tacloban City Hospital. The goal is to augment the hospital’s resources to make it better equipped to handle and serve more victims of the typhoon.

PCCCF’s Jojo Ramos is helping in the solicitation and coordination process with major donor Kreisers Inc., through regional manager Barry Wormington and Carol Versely .

Philippine Center Free Medical Clinic (FMC) (414) 342-1400
Medical Director: Violeta A. Singson, MD _ Clinic Administrator: Linda Ramos

The Philippine Center and its Free Medical Clinic continues a strong presence at the Zablocki Park in Greenfield. The free clinic is open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Since we started in 2000, the number of FMC patients continue to grow. Now a total of 3,047 who had been seen
10,822 times. Free medical services have amounted to $2,060,890 to date including medication and laboratory services added only in 2010.

Save the date: The 7th Philippine Center Elieser B. Suson Memorial Golf Tournament will be
held on Sunday, August 17, 2014, at the Ironwood Golf C


PCCCF Penny Drive
By: Amy Schemenauer

Last October, Amy Schemenauer ran a Penny Drive to benefit the PCCCF's Free Medical Clinic. The Drive was held at Grantosa Drive K-8 School, where Amy is a teacher in Early Childhood Special Education. It ran for 2 weeks, during which students were encouraged to bring in pennies and other loose change daily. To make it more fun and to elicit participation, a contest was set it place. The classroom that raised the most money earned a pizza/movie party, with 2nd and 3rd place earning popcorn and juice. Each classroom that participated received a special "token" treat. The pizza was donated by FMC founder and director, Dr. Violeta Singson, while all other food and treats were donated by Amy Schemenauer.

This Penny Drive, titled "Change for Charity", was a huge success, raising $613…..
85 percent of which was pennies. This Drive was an excellent exercise for the students of Grantosa School, teaching them the importance and value of giving to those less fortunate than themselves. What makes this fundraiser special is that the students of Grantosa, an MPS school, are mainly from poor and disadvantaged families as well. Regardless of that fact, so many children were excited to bring in their "stash" of pennies, emptying their piggy banks. They would come in daily, carrying their heavy bags of coins….smiling and excited to do so. One little first grader brought in a bag that ended up containing $38, all in pennies. He stated that he emptied his whole piggy bank; probably his entire life savings, seeing that he is only 6 years old! What a joy it was to watch such unselfishness and giving from such young people!

This was the 2nd Penny Drive held to benefit the FMC. The first was held in October of 2011. About $700 was raised in 2011. The idea for the "Change for Charity" Penny Drive was conceived and carried out by Amy Schemenauer, who organized and ran it at her school. As long as they are approved by MPS, these Penny Drives will continue annually to benefit the PCCCF's Free Medical Clinic. They not only benefit the FMC, but also the students of Grantosa Drive School, teaching them about giving and community outreach.

Philippine Center, Free Medical Clinic Enjoying Early Successl

David Cotey | Jan 15, 2013
Since March 2012, the center and clinic have turned the underutilized Zablocki Park Pavilion into a functional commodity.
Read full article here from greenfield.patch.com >>


PCCCF Gala Night by Mareta Prill

The PCCCF held a fund- raising gala on March 3, 2012 at theHilton-Milwaukee Center to augment the depleted funds. Prior to the beginning of the evening, our guests were met at the registration desk by Zen Edralin, Mareta Prill, Becky Toledo, Mila Lamerand and Volette Singson who directed them to view displays and photo collages depicting the history of our organization and many of the activities sponsored by the PCCCF. The “Tree of Life” was in prominent display at the lobby, under the watchful eyes of Linda Ramos and Lito Tenorio, with sponsors eagerly locating their names. A mocha chiffon cake, with the PCCCF logo, donated by the Hopefl family was also displayed and later enjoyed as dessert. Read full article here >>Connect to larger copy

The dream is now a reality

The dream of having our own Philippine Center Building in Milwaukee is now a reality. The Philippine Center is located at the Zablocki Park Pavilion, 3717 W Howard Avenue, Greenfield WI.

The 35 year lease agreement with the Milwaukee County Parks for the use of the Zablocki Park Pavilion to house the Philippine Center was officially signed last July 29, 2011,

Free Medical Clinic Opens its Doors to Dozens of Patients

The Philippine Center finally opened its doors and had its first Free Medical Clinic at the Zablocki Park Pavilion, 3717 W. Howard Ave., Saturday March 10, 2012.

Philippine Center Executive Director Gerry Ramos and Free Medical Clinic Director Dr. Violeta Singson, together with the Zablocki Park Manager Dan Roddy, led the doctors, volunteers and patients in the blessing ceremonies officiated by Fr. Jojo Orosa of St. Camillus. >> Read Full Article from GreenfieldPatch.Com >>